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World Bee Day!

07 Aug 15
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World Bee Day 2015!

How great would a “World Bee Day!” for the benefit of bees be? Bringing focus to the dwindling numbers of bees throughout the world.


Almost every day, there is some international observance day. We have an International Day of Peace, International Day of Peace, World Vegetarian Day, World Diabetes Day. Now is the time to have World Bee Day, which will contribute to the awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping. Initiative for the World Bee Day is coming from Beekeeping Association in Slovenia. In April of 2015 the Republic of Slovenia, on the basics of initiative of the Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association, proposes to the United Nations (UN) the May 20th should be declared as World Bee Day.

Here is a brochure from the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association are trying to get the world to accept May 20th as “World Bee Day.”  I hope you find the information helpful.

There is also another World Bee Day, previously known as Honey Bee Awareness Day, is an idea put together by Beekeepers in the USA, who petitioned the USDA in 2009 for an official day to honor honeybees and beekeeping. A few years down the line, people across the globe are holding a date of observation every year. Honey Bee awareness enthusiasts feel this day is as much to celebrate honeybees as it is to promote involvement in sustainable farming and beekeeping.

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