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Honeybees Are Important to You!

12 Jul 15
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Many people think of honeybees simply as a summertime nuisance.  These small and hard-working insects actually make it possible for many of your favorite foods to reach your table. We have the honeybees to thank for our apples to our almonds to our pumpkins and the pumpkin or apple pie we make for our families. More than likely you have not eaten many items today not provided by our friends the honeybees. Because of the pollination of the honeybee these items were available to you.


The small insects have a big responsibility including the pollinating the fruits, Berks and Schuykill Beekeeper's Association - Bee on grapesvegetables, grains and nuts we enjoy every day.  Remember, it is not just fresh food but how many of the processed products are made from the pollinated foods in original source. Honeybees will pollinate many plant species, which are not native to their natural habitat but are often inefficient pollinators of some plants. These plants such as root vegetables and salad crops will produce a useful food crop without pollination when grown from seed. Although, they will require insect pollination to produce seeds for the next generation. Since the honeybee is the most important insect to transfer pollen between flowers and between plants, the word “pollination” is often used to describe the service of bees to pollinate crop plants.


Honeybees have a lot of challenges today including the Varroa Mite, Berks and Schuylkill Beekeeper's Association - Pupa covered with Varroa Mitesviruses/disease, poor nutrition and pesticides are compromising the health of millions of honeybees.   Seemingly healthy honeybees were simply abandoning their hives in masses, never to return. Researchers are calling the mass disappearance “Colony Collapse Disorder” and they estimate nearly one-third of all honeybee colonies in the United States have vanished. The number of hives in the United States is now at its lowest point in the past fifty years.  A healthy habitat is vital and is important to provide sustainable pollination.  Universities, farmers, airports, golf courses, conservation groups and government agencies are working together to restore the bee habitat and ecosystem for our hard working pollinators.  You too could help!  Could you be a backyard Beekeeper?  We need you and are willing to help you in any way you need!  Contact Berks and Schuylkill Beekeeper’s Association for any help to get started!

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