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Construction Worker Dies From Bee Sting – Endangered Bees!

04 Aug 15
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Workers grading a site for a parking lot hit an underground sprinkler vault but they did Berks and Schuylkill Beekeeper's Association - Sprinkler Vaultnot know it housed a beehive in Riverside, California.  The bees feeling threatened started to sting a few workers who were nearest to the vault. The construction workers panicked and became fearful.  They ran away from the bees and some of them rolled around on the ground and another swatted at the bees with a vest.  When bees feel threatened they send out an alarm pheromones, which tells the other bees of danger, which is why there will be many bees attacking in a situation dangerous to them.  Honeybees are docile unless they feel they are in danger or the hive is in danger, truth is honeybees are endangered.


There were two workers who experienced minor and moderate injuries who were treated and released from the hospital.  There was one construction worker who had an allergic reaction and died on the way to the hospital.  It is possible this construction worker was not aware of his allergy to bees because he worked outside and bee stings could have be a regular issue.   If he had been aware of the allergy he should could have had Epi Pen handy for just such a situation since he worked outdoors.   This could have given him time to get to the hospital for more medical assistance.  The bees returned to their hive shortly after the attack, according to the Fire Department.  Unfortunately, the bees were not allowed to remain at the site but the fire department did not know whether they were relocated or killed.


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There are no bees currently listed as endangered species list, although several Hawaiian yellow-faced bees are being considered for the designation. Honeybees, which are different from bumble bees and are widely used in agricultural production, have also experienced significant die-off. Thus, they are considered endangered bees. Although, not on the endangered species list bees are endanger and rightly should be protected and a Beekeeper should always be called to help get bees relocated. When bees swarm from a traditional beehive they will often find a home in the wild somewhere or somewhere in an urban environment.  Often in places no one who deem a suitable home for bees.  When many people hear bees are endangered, they are thrilled because they think, “No worries about our next fun picnic outdoors.” What you might not realize is bees play a vital role in producing the delicious piece of fruit you are eating while while in the outdoors.


Honeybees in the United States are much valued for their crucial role in pollinating over ninety different kinds of crops they are endangered bees. One-third of the total United States diet is derived from insect-pollinated plants, so their survival is vital.   Bees are currently threatened by parasites, pesticides, and habitat loss.   In this case, the bees were endangered by construction workers! Bees are incredibly important to maintain high levels of food production.  We are going to think positively, hoping these folks did the right thing and relocated these precious bees.

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