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Berks and Schuylkill Beekeepers Association - Bees on the wing of an airplane

Bees Delay Flight!

22 Jul 15
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A Delta flight departing Pittsburgh International Airport for NYC on Wednesday was delayed when thousands of bees swarmed the plane’s wing. The buzzing critters flew and clung to the craft’s wing just as the plane’s crew was preparing to fuel it.  Since the bees are a protected species and legally they cannot be killed.  A master Beekeeper was called to the scene and was able to remove them.

We are glad the bees are now safe and hope the passengers on board did not mind the inconvenience too much!  There are actually many airports now housing bees at airports for environmental reasons and because they have lots of unused spaces due to airport  regulations.  We will be seeing more and more situations like this in the future.

Fascinated onlookers clicked photographs of the amazing bees hugging the airplane wing. Berks and Schuylkill Beekeepers Association - O'Hare Airport beekeepers Airport personnel stated this was the fourth time a Beekeeper has been called because of a colony of nearby bees.   The reasons hives swarm is due to the nature’s way of dividing the hive on a large scale.   The old queen takes off and half of the colony goes with her because of the natural pheromones the bees transmit looking a new place to create their new home.

There are less happy outcome for bees in April, when an Allegiant Air flight bound for Duluth, Minneapolis, and it was forced to turn back because of a swarm of bees.  As the plane took off the swarm of bees were ingested into the engine of the plane and it clouded the windshield. Passengers interviewed there was a smell filtered into the cabin of the plane, some described it as an awful sulfur smell and passengers pagan to panic. The crew decided to abort the flight, landing safely back in Las Vegas.  More than 160 passengers were put on a new plane and arrived in Duluth only about two hours later than originally planned.

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