Welcome to Berks and Schuylkill Beekeepers Association

We want to welcome anyone who wants to learn about bees. There has been for greater awareness of the plight of Honeybees and the need for the firm action, to be taken to prevent their decline. Berks and Schuylkill Beekeepers Association is working in our local area to have the same focus of the rest of the world and we are trying care for the health and sustainability of bee in our local area. The bee decline is of concern to everyone as it should be. The colony environment is vital for the survival of bees. There are many different factors that contribute to the health of the bees. Berks and Schuylkill Beekeepers Association welcomes you and there is an incredible amount of information here, stay a while and learn what you can today. We welcome you back again and again. We will update the site as needed with new information and keep you up to date on any new research or documentation out there.

Apiary Registration

Pennsylvania State Law requires that every beekeeper in the Commonwealth be registered. The registration costs $10.00 for a two year period and covers all apiaries and hives owned by that individual. It is critically important the state keep track of all beehives or apiaries in the PA area.

Bee Crisis

For some time now there has been for greater awareness of the plight of Honeybees the need for firm action, to be taken  to prevent their decline.  At present Honeybees around the world are dying and answers are not completely definitive.

Bee Hive Inspections

The current Bee Law, passed in 1994, was a collaborative effort between the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers’ Association and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Plant Industry.   The cost of registration is $10 for two calendar years.

About Us

Our members represent all levels of beekeeping expertise. We welcome new beekeepers to join us and benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge represented by our members. Many of our members operate large scale apiaries both private and commercial.  Others are novice or beginners but we can all learn together.

Beekeepers Blog

To provide information both locally and around the world! Provide information to help new beekeepers learn how to get started and where to get information from.

Silence In Fields!

Farmers report there is quiet silence in their farms, fields and gardens.   In past years, when they would go out in the early mornings to harvest their farm, there could always be heard the “humming” of the busy honeybees as the rest of the world is quiet.   As they look around, they see the […]

22 Jul, 2015 Cath

Bees At Airports!

The practice of maintaining beehives on airport property began in Germany a decade and a half ago and has spread, reaching Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis in the United States. The bees give airports a PR friendly way to show off their green side and find a use for land that legally can’t be developed. The […]

22 Jul, 2015 Cath

Allentown Municipal Golf Course – Bee Friendly!

Adjacent to the 15th green at Allentown Municipal Golf Course, used to be a pile of dirt.   It was at least 10 feet high, covered in weeds and once an eyesore, this plot of land now is part of an international program to restore the honeybee population.   Additionally, it is also part of a course-wide […]

22 Jul, 2015 Cath